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Di Octyle Phthalate (DOP)

Shamama Jaffery
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This compound is the most common of the class of phthalate plasticizers. DOP is almost colorless and odorless oily liquid, slightly soluble in water but soluble in alcohols. and is miscible and compatible with all the monomeric plasticizers of PVC compounding.


DOP is the most widely used general purpose plasticizer for the manufacture of flexible plastics (especially with PVC). It is insoluble in water and has a good stability to heat and ultraviolet light, a broad range of compatibility, and excellent resistance to hydrolysis. It is used in PVC, polyvinyl acetate, rubbers, cellulose plastics and polyurethane. End application include PVC floorings and wall coverings, expanded leather, PVC foams, films, sealing and adhesive systems based on polyurethane or polysulphide, PVAc based adhesives and paint binders.


Iron Drums of 200kg