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Ethyl Hexanol

Shamama Jaffery
(Marketing & Sales)
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Ethylhexanol is an eight-carbon branched chain oxo alcohol having a high boiling point and slow evaporation rate. It is a versatile solvent featuring excellent reactivity as a chemical intermediate. It serves as a chain terminator in synthesizing condensation polymers and as an intermediate for plasticizers. 2-Ethylhexanol has low volatility and enhances the flow and gloss of baking enamels. It is also used as dispersing agent for pigment pastes.


  • Chemical Intermediate – Acrylates, Ester Solvents, Glycol Ethers, Plasticizers
  • Coatings – Automotive OEM
  • Coatings – Automotive Refinish
  • Coatings – Can and Coil
  • Packaging:

    Bulk/200kg drums