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Industrial Greases

Irfan Sheikh
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Whether mineral or synthetic oil based – are engineered smart right from the start. Their advanced formulations are designed to provide all-around balanced performance for severe conditions experienced by today’s industrial and mobile equipment.
Industrial greases extend that legacy by helping to enhance safety, environmental care and productivity. They offer long oil life and can extend equipment life, creating less waste and potential energy savings while helping increase worker safety by minimizing potentially hazardous maintenance.

Examples of Applications

Under severe operating conditions, such as high temperatures, loads and pressures, frequent starts and stops, wide operating temperature ranges, and contamination, lubricants become even more critical to help ensure reliable operations whether for your gears, compressors, bearings or air compressors. They provide high temperature capability, excellent resistance to oxidation and low temperature flow properties.
Industrial grease is beneficial while working in low-temperature environments, as mineral oils tend to thicken to a greater degree. Their high viscosity index gives lubricants the ability to flow at low temperatures while helping to provide better film thickness and as a result, wear protection to machine elements at extreme temperatures. Synthetics help provide a thicker lubricant film at operating temperature compared to mineral oils, thus helping reduce the extent of metal-to-metal contact and the associated energy loss.