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Why choose alriaz

Alriaz is a company of dreamers, believers and solution providers. We offer long–term adventure and daily rewards along with the opportunity to carve out a unique and vibrant career. We expect and nurture leadership in every employee as we challenge each other to be the best. Our commitments include:

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You can dream big dreams and take bold steps at alriaz. Our regional presence and breadth offer the flexibility to seek multiple careers within one company. We deeply value, reward, and recognize excellence at all levels.

Top Tier Compensation

You believe in delivering your very best on the job every day and you want to be compensated accordingly for your performance. We share your work ethic and believe that compensation should be tied to your performance and the overall success of the company. This is why alriaz has established compensation approach that rewards you according to your contributions.

We also believe top talent at alriaz should earn top tier compensation.

Comprehensive Benefits

Alriaz offers attractive benefits packages which typically include the following:

Recognition and Reward

At alriaz, we believe in letting you know we’ve noticed your good work and showing our appreciation for your contributions.

The highest level of this recognition program is the employee of the month Award which rewards an outstanding employee – with a cash bonus – for extraordinary personal initiative and impact on our company or our customers.
Alriaz’s other employee recognition programs include a number of performance and service awards.

Learning and Development

Development of our diverse workforce is a key pillar of alriaz People Vision of having “the best people, working together to make a difference.” Development is a priority in alriaz’ ever-evolving work environment, where our performance culture comes to life as alriaz employees continually apply the skills necessary for alriaz to win in the global marketplace. Simply put, we invest in our employees to keep them at the forefront of their respective fields. Opportunities range from daily on-the-job learning, participation in global cross-functional project teams, mentoring, classroom training, online learning, and participation in employee networks.

Work Environment & Culture

At alriaz, we believe that each employee can make a difference. And can make it here. Opportunity is the operative word. We look for candidates who thrive in a collaborative environment.

Our CEO, Mian Nasser Hyatt Maggo believes that one should always try to do things better.